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Good tree planter leads to great teacher?

Photo Credit Good.is

As a teacher, nature lover and someone who finds inspiration in too many things to name, this story from GOOD caught my eye and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share it.  I had never even heard of the “tree planting business” until reading this and trust me, it’s not as lovely as it sounds.  In fact, it turns out, the tree planting business is one of the most grueling, tiring and physically demanding jobs there is.  Josh Berkley fell into tree planting when no other jobs were keeping him interested.  It’s said that the average tree planter burns as many calories as a runner running a half marathon every single work day. Can you believe that?  Tree planting, rather, commercial reforestation is known mostly amongst the college aged students in Canada where many consider the tough work a rite of passage.  Josh, now a high school art teacher claims that working in the business is what makes him a great teacher: “Your students will look to you for inspiration. And the only way to ignite their passion is to demonstrate your own. So learn to love your subject matter and get excited about learning! You are a leader of the youth. You no longer have the luxury of hating your job. If you hate it, either stop hating it or quit.”  Hop on over to check out the full article.  Thank you for the inspiration, Josh!