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Woof Woof: Organic pet products

Recently my 10 month old pup was neutered and upon being sent home, the vet gave my husband and I extremely unrealistic goals for our dog, like try not to have him smell things too much outside. Really!? He’s a dog! That’s what dogs do!  We were also told to prevent him from licking his stitches which I totally get but again, nearly impossible.  We were sent home with the god- for -saken E-Collar (you know, the giant cone) which broke my heart.  I really just don’t have the heart to put it on him.  Which got me thinking- How come the vet does not send us home with a natural anti-lick ointment? Sounds simple enough, right?  Let the natural, organic pet supplies search begin!  Just like our children, I figure our pets are part of our families too.  If you are like us, your pet truly is like your child, which is why they deserve the all natural organic treatment too (we’re not weird, I swear) Have you seen his big, brown, puppy dog eyes!? I could not leave this awful thing on for more than an hour or so. Poor guy. Lucky for him, I found some great organic supply stores and goodies!

Photo Credit Lindsay Dewald

Here are a couple favorites that I’ve found:

Get Lick’d Dog Goodies (For yummy treats and adorable hand made beds)

photo credit Get Lick'd

Botanical Dog (For products, toys, food, vitamins, you name it and they’ve probably got it)

photo credit botanical dog