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Monday Motivation: connecting with the women in your life.

photo credit: friendship church richmond
This morning I woke up ready and willing to start this week! I was set for a coffee date with my best friend and later, brunch with my mother and grandmother. Is it just me or is there really something powerful about conversation with the women in your life? I love talking with my husband and all of the other men in my life but rarely do I leave those conversations feeling rejuvenated the same way I do as when I’m with my women. I’ve found that if I go 1-2 weeks without meaningful woman to woman conversations, there is a part of me that feels empty. So what it is? Through conversations with the gals in my life, we’ve come to this conclusion- No matter how close your relationship may be with the opposite sex, women understand each other. We think with our hearts (generally) we nurture, and we long for connection with one another- It’s in our DNA! Put simply, we need each other for strength, courage, wisdom, love, support and laughter. Do you all feel the same way about women to women relationships?