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What your kids should be eating….

via parenting.com I came across these terrific, nutritious foods for disease prevention.  And yes, they’re all delicious! Next time your at the market try picking these up:

1. Blueberries- loaded with Antioxidants!

2. Tofu- super source for lean protein.

3. Tomatoes-loaded with lycopene (caner preventer)

4. Low fat greek yogurt- boosts immunity

5. Cabbage-improves digestion

6. Salmon-omega 3 fats to boost brain development

7. Cocoa- improve blood pressure, heart and oral health

8. Black Beans- protein, fiber and calcium

9. Basil- antioxidants!

10. Cinnamon- regulates blood sugar

To read more detailed descriptions of the benefits of these foods click here.