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Spotlight Gift Idea Day 2!

eco-kids-eco-crayons2-537x402A local art supply shop carries these eco-crayons which was were I first laid eyes on them and instantly fell in love with their natural, unique almost harsh shapes.  Not at all your typical crayon these crayon “blocks” are safe and non toxic and will surly excite your kids with their unique shapes.



Yay, time for the B Nature holiday gift guide! We love putting this together every year and are excited about our picks this holiday season. To see what we chose last year, take a look back at our 2010 holiday guide! Here we go….

For baby and Toddler:

Little Sapling Organic Wooden Cars

Little Sapling Honey Dipper Rattle

B Nature Organic cotton gown

Albert the Donkey by BlaBlakids

Little Lark eco lunch sack

For Mama:

Rain organic cotton pillow

Four seasons mugs

Organic Mandala Tote.

For Papa:
Beer Making Kit.

Bottle Book Ends.

Toms Eyewear