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The U.S Environmental Protection Agency is now allowing a huge increase of herbicide levels in food. We’ve talked a lot about how scary the food is we eat in today’s society and this sort of thing is the exact reason why. It’s sad that making money is the driving force in how our food is made today. Forget quality, whole, healthy real food to nourish our bodies. Today it’s all about growing foods fast and making a profit. We are definitely seeing a rising trend in farming and gardening our own vegetables and raising chickens and such but for the masses the quick and easiest thing is to run to the store and grab whatever processed, chemically enhanced foods there are. Sadly, I don’t see our foods getting any better any time soon. Do you?

Here is the article detailing the EPA’s decision to allow these herbicides into our food. We are in desperate need of a food revolution. Speaking of which, I am thinking of trying out the Paleo diet. Has anyone done it? It seems like the most holistic, natural, healthy diet us humans can do. Why aren’t we all eating this way?


Today’s food share recipe comes from the lovely Erika Follansbee blog and yes, it is delicious AND beautiful. Usually when there’s a turkey burger option at a restaurant and I’m in the mood for a burger that’s the one i’ll choose yet I’m always slightly disappointed in the lack of flavor. Erika figured out a way to make these burgers just as flavorful as a burger made of beef. Delicious!

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 4.18.24 PM Here is the ingredient list and how to. Seriously, these are so so good! Happy weekend!



With spring just around the corner, we’re on the hunt for fun food ideas for dinner parties this spring and summer with friends.  Not only are these few ideas fun for the kids, they’re fun for us adults too!


These baby carrots “planted” in hummus pots are the perfect spring treat.  I don’t know about you but hummus and carrots is a quick go to snack for me and this just makes the snack super fun for kids! I love this simple, tasty idea.

These roma tomato, cheese and green onion “flowers” are darling! Originally from polish blog, Biblia Smakow we found this cuteness through Raw Foods Revolution.  Here’s how to pull these fun flowers together:

13 large cherry or small Roma tomatoes
14 stalks of green onions or chives for the stems
200g farmers cheese or cottage cheese for filling (or you could use goat cheese, egg or chicken salad)
1 cucumber
1/2 teaspoon dried basil
Salt and pepper


puzzlePuzzle sandwiches! I LOVE this idea! So easy and can be done with your child’s favorite sandwich.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have an entire tray of “puzzle pieces” for your party goers to choose from!? We just think this is so cute.

Stay tuned for some more fun food ideas!

HEALTH: A to die for recipe!

We’re always on the hunt for healthy and equally delicious recipes.  We stumbled across this one on pinterest which led us to the Minimally Invasive blog and have been drooling over these grilled avocado with herbs and tomato like crazy.  With avocado being a super food, we’re over the moon about this foodie discovery! The recipe is simple too (our favorite kind of recipe!) Enjoy! We sure have…

Apple cars! (and other yummy things)

How awesome are these apple / grape cars!? I just love them! It’s so hard to feed our kids good, real food these days, so coming across websites and other blogs that lend helpful hints and tricks is such a nice treat- no pun intended :) From Bent on Better Lunches, I spotted these adorable cars and knew she must be on to something. Another site that I find to be extremely inspiring when it comes to feeding our kids is the Bleubird blog. She shares her big kids and baby girls meals which gives such good ideas when you’re feeling bored with packing the same things everyday.   YUM!

The richer eating poorer…

photo via Good.Is

Fall for me has always been a super busy time of the year. Back to school, back to routine, gearing up for the holidays, etc. It’s tough to get in the kitchen to cook a healthy meal night after night. I get it. However, fast food is not the answer! Recently at a food talk I attended we were taught that having a meal consisting of a meat, starch, veggie and salad is not necessary. You can get the nutrients you need and feel the satisfaction you desire from making just one good food choice. For example, try a yummy lentil soup, or turkey chili recipe. As long as you are eating healthy snacks throughout the day (fruit, veggies) you will be getting everything you need. Americans in general feel the need to have huge meals which results in feeling so full after each meal. Why? We can be completely satisfied, and feel better at the same time if we choose simple, easy, healthy meals over huge hearty savory meals, at least from time to time. Give it a try!