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Fathers Day for the Eco-Friendly Father.

Father’s day is now just a few days away.  We spend so much time focused on Mommies, we think it’s only appropriate to give our Daddies a little praise too!

Our picks:

Dixon Earth Golf Balls- 100% eco friendly and recyclable!  No lead, no cobalt, no tungsten.  Dad’s are sure to love these earth balls on the links.  Apparently, the distance and spin of a high quality ball is GUARANTEED! Can’t go wrong with that….

Toms Shoes-  Super trendy, super comfy and made from recycled materias! Score! We can’t get enough of these kicks.  Aside from the style and comfort of these shoes, for every pair that YOU buy, a child in need gets a pair. How cool is that?  True definition of a win-win.

Peak Organic brewing company- Summer session ale.  For those beer loving Dad’s.  Ingredients for the brew come from organic local farmers. Enough said!

Surge, hybrid iphone charger- brought to you by NOVOTHINK, these stylish iphone cases not only protect your phone, they add battery life too!  State of the art solar panel technology allows your phone to power up using solely the sun! Plus, there’s a color choice for every Dad.  Cool.

Organic pacific gourmet- Delivered! Choose from a variety of meats all coming from grass fed, hormone free, additive free, and antibiotic free.  Literally delivers a gourmet steak to your door.  All you have to do is prepare it BUT that should be easy, right?  You can always use the line, “made with love” and i’m sure those Dad’s will love whats on their plate!  And for those Vegeterian Dad’s, check OrganicDirect for the best delivered organic, vegetarian options.