There’s nothing we enjoy more than a good picnic in the park during the summer months. There’s just something so special about throwing some fresh fruit, snacks and drinks in a picnic basket with a good book and blanket and hitting the park with friends or family. We wanted to share with you all our picks for great eco friendly picnic products!

PICNIC BLANKET from sewn natural

WOODEN UTENSILS from max and olivia


ECO COLD CUPS from eco products





Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 1.18.56 PMThis morning a few friends and I loaded up the strollers and took our 6 kids up to the park for some fresh air, a chance to watch the ducks, and some playground time for the older ones. Sometimes you just need that ya know? It got me thinking. Having friends you totally relate to and genuinely enjoy spending time with are so, so important. Thankfully, I live in the same city as most of my family so I have them as built in support and help with our daughter but these friends I have, we just got lucky.

We at B Nature would love to know what kind of support system you have? Do you have family nearby? Friends who act as family? We know how hard it can be to raise kids and we’d love to hear who it is that helps you through it all!


It can be such a challenge coming up with the perfect room for your new baby. When we found out I was expecting, planning the nursery was one of the first things I thought about and couldn’t wait to get started.  I knew I wanted to use neutral colors and create a fun yet calming space for our little one. Here are a few steps we took in planning our baby girl’s nursery.
vscocam2251. Choose your wall color and work accents and window treatments around it.

2. To create a beautiful, simple space find a mobile, and little toys to display made of natural wood.

3. Keep the furniture simple. Your baby honestly does not need that much. In our nursery we have her crib, a rocker, a dresser and a book shelf. It works because they are all similar in style and it keeps the simplistic feel we were going for in line.

4. Let your own personal style reflect your baby’s space. Their room is still a part of your home so don’t feel like you have to transform it into a cartoony, over the top baby town. (unless of course that’s what you’re going for)

5. Don’t forget the artwork. I think the artwork you choose for your baby’s room can make or break the space. If you are going for a nice, clean, simple space choose artwork that reflects that. If you want to go with a theme, find pieces that coordinate with it.



Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 2.09.25 PM

Have you guys used the Good Guide? I recently came across it as I was looking up the ingredients in some of my baby’s bath products. The Good Guide is this great online resource that rates the best products for baby, home, pets, food, apparel, electronics, appliances and cars based on the health, environmental and social footprint they leave. It’s been so helpful for us in choosing products for our baby and home.



Just today I was having a conversation with a friend about real foods. The conversation started when we got to talking about how we plan to feed our kids as they grow and just how much food has changed in the last 50 years. Our bodies are designed to eat real, natural foods from the earth but today we are almost “forced” to eat an abundance of sugars, salt, preservatives and an array of chemical additives. As much as we try to eat whole, organic, natural foods you still never know if the food your buying deemed “organic” truly is. It’s a scary realization that our society has gone down the path of eating this way. Don’t you wish we all had the time and know how to grow our own food? I know I do. What’s alarming to me is that most people are just okay with the way our food is grown today. Chicken’s pumped with hormones so large they can’t walk, strawberry’s grown double their natural size because of the chemicals used to fertilize them. Scary, isn’t it? So how can we change the way we eat? What are some of the things you and your family do to eat in a more natural way?

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A clean kitchen: The kitchen, the heart of the house.  It seems like it’s always dirty, right? Just as the dishes are cleaned and put away the sink is somehow full again. Clean the kitchen for that special mama in your life.




















Pick some wildflowers: Nothing says you’re appreciated and loved more than a fresh bouquet of flowers. Walk your neighborhood and you’re bound to come across some flowers that would be perfect in that mason jar you have laying around the house.













Get her morning started off right: I know if I can smell the coffee brewing before Im out of bed, the smile is hard to wipe off my face. There’s just something about the thoughtfulness of your first cup of coffee waiting for you.

















Homemade cards: Is there anything better than a home made card from your little ones? It really is true- something made from the heart always trumps a store bought gift.

This pretty much sounds like the perfect day to me! (hint hint, husband :) ) Here’s to hoping all the mama’s out there have an amazing mother’s day coming up!


During my pregnancy I had the hardest time coming to terms with the fact that most baby items are way too colorful, way too plastic, and not at all gender neutral.  It really was hard to create our baby girls gender neutral nursery (we did it, but we sure did have to hunt around for earth tone baby pieces.) Unfortunately for her bassinet we settled on something we found at our local chain baby store.  It works well and she seems to really like it, which of course is what is most important but I sure do wish we would have come across some of these bassinets when we were in the market. If you are interested in beautifully crafted / eco home and baby products, these are for you!