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We love coming across (and trying out) eco products for kids! A few months back we came across these eco, naturally shaped crayons and immediately fell in love with this company! Everything from molding dough, to crayons to finger paints, this is a kids company you can feel really good about supporting. Have any of you used these products? What did you think? We love them!



Around our house finding safe, natural products for our baby was super important to us. We ourselves do our best to stay away from those yucky chemicals and parabens found in most products so why would we not for our daughter too? And as someone who has extremely sensitive skin myself I am always on the lookout for the most hypo allergenic body products I can find. These four things are by far the most used and my most favorite natural body products for baby. (I actually use the California Baby myself!) What are some of your favorites?

1. California baby shampoo and body wash

2. Seventh Generation Disposable Diapers (when we aren’t using our bum genius cloth)

3. Seventh Generation clean and clear wipes

4. Badger Baby Balm (Clears up skin irritations, diaper rash, etc.)



The U.S Environmental Protection Agency is now allowing a huge increase of herbicide levels in food. We’ve talked a lot about how scary the food is we eat in today’s society and this sort of thing is the exact reason why. It’s sad that making money is the driving force in how our food is made today. Forget quality, whole, healthy real food to nourish our bodies. Today it’s all about growing foods fast and making a profit. We are definitely seeing a rising trend in farming and gardening our own vegetables and raising chickens and such but for the masses the quick and easiest thing is to run to the store and grab whatever processed, chemically enhanced foods there are. Sadly, I don’t see our foods getting any better any time soon. Do you?

Here is the article detailing the EPA’s decision to allow these herbicides into our food. We are in desperate need of a food revolution. Speaking of which, I am thinking of trying out the Paleo diet. Has anyone done it? It seems like the most holistic, natural, healthy diet us humans can do. Why aren’t we all eating this way?


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Recently I was gifted The Honest Life from The Honest Company’s Jessica Alba and while I was initially skeptical of how practical and useful the information inside would be, I have to say it’s been such a wonderful resource for clean living. I have been using the heck out of the dishonest ingredients guide in the back of the book and cant recommend enough having a look at the guide. I’m going to post a little bit more about some of the chemicals and ingredients found in most household products in the coming weeks. Until then, you should be reading the book!



There’s nothing we enjoy more than a good picnic in the park during the summer months. There’s just something so special about throwing some fresh fruit, snacks and drinks in a picnic basket with a good book and blanket and hitting the park with friends or family. We wanted to share with you all our picks for great eco friendly picnic products!

PICNIC BLANKET from sewn natural

WOODEN UTENSILS from max and olivia


ECO COLD CUPS from eco products




Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 2.09.25 PM

Have you guys used the Good Guide? I recently came across it as I was looking up the ingredients in some of my baby’s bath products. The Good Guide is this great online resource that rates the best products for baby, home, pets, food, apparel, electronics, appliances and cars based on the health, environmental and social footprint they leave. It’s been so helpful for us in choosing products for our baby and home.



Just today I was having a conversation with a friend about real foods. The conversation started when we got to talking about how we plan to feed our kids as they grow and just how much food has changed in the last 50 years. Our bodies are designed to eat real, natural foods from the earth but today we are almost “forced” to eat an abundance of sugars, salt, preservatives and an array of chemical additives. As much as we try to eat whole, organic, natural foods you still never know if the food your buying deemed “organic” truly is. It’s a scary realization that our society has gone down the path of eating this way. Don’t you wish we all had the time and know how to grow our own food? I know I do. What’s alarming to me is that most people are just okay with the way our food is grown today. Chicken’s pumped with hormones so large they can’t walk, strawberry’s grown double their natural size because of the chemicals used to fertilize them. Scary, isn’t it? So how can we change the way we eat? What are some of the things you and your family do to eat in a more natural way?


During my pregnancy I had the hardest time coming to terms with the fact that most baby items are way too colorful, way too plastic, and not at all gender neutral.  It really was hard to create our baby girls gender neutral nursery (we did it, but we sure did have to hunt around for earth tone baby pieces.) Unfortunately for her bassinet we settled on something we found at our local chain baby store.  It works well and she seems to really like it, which of course is what is most important but I sure do wish we would have come across some of these bassinets when we were in the market. If you are interested in beautifully crafted / eco home and baby products, these are for you!