She Knows Pregnancy and Baby Reviews B nature

Luckily, B nature, a newer organic clothing company offers cute and less expensive organic baby clothing. The eco conscious brand makes organic clothing for children ages 0-2 that’s ethically produced and free of harmful chemicals, dyes and synthetic materials.

Soft earth tones such as Ivory, Wheat, Pistachio, Chestnut, Green Tea, Dusk, Dawn, Sea and Sky are highlighted in BNature’s new Fall/Winter collection of body suits, rompers, gowns, tops, bottoms and accessories. Each garment is crafted with a 40 yard thread count so that pieces are durable, breathable and soft to the touch. Additionally all clothing is packaged in lovely recycled paper boxes.

Indy’s Child Parenting Magazine Reviews B nature

Indy's Child

Indy's Child

“Mindful moms are often caught between buying the best or buying what is affordable. B nature offers both in their ALL organic line of baby clothing and accessories. Colored with low impact dyes in muted natural tones, the line of products are made for babies new to two years old. Check out their gift sets for thoughtful gift giving…”

OBR Reviews B nature

“Organic Baby Resource had the opportunity to sample an organic baby gown from BNature’s collection of organic baby clothing. The company, which commits to fair trade manufacturing practices, makes a variety of gift sets and al a carte pieces for babies. Here’s what we think:

Features To Love

  • The soft, stretchy fabric is 100% organic cotton and certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
  • Multi-colored thread seams transform the gown from ordinary to charming and chic.
  • The sleeves have a little mitten cuff on them so you can cover up baby’s fingers and scratchy fingernails during sleep time.
  • A drawstring at the bottom allows you to keep babies feet tucked in at night.
  • The gown comes in a natural colored, recycled gift box.

Room For Improvement

Nothing to mention here.

The Bottom Line

The gown and the rest of the line is intended for parents who like to keep it simple. The company tones it down when it comes to design and color, but adds a touch of flair with their signature threading and bee logo.

Furthermore the company is straight forward about its certification and its manufacturing process. If you’re looking for a nice and natural, unisex gift for a new baby, this gown from B Nature is a good one to give.”