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Spotlight Gift Idea Day 2!

eco-kids-eco-crayons2-537x402A local art supply shop carries these eco-crayons which was were I first laid eyes on them and instantly fell in love with their natural, unique almost harsh shapes.  Not at all your typical crayon these crayon “blocks” are safe and non toxic and will surly excite your kids with their unique shapes.



For the past couple of years I’ve vowed to learn to knit so I could make my own scarves, cowls and other goodies for friends and family.  This year, I’M ACTUALLY LEARNING! It’s been so fun having an ongoing handmade project going and I’m thrilled about being able to gift the end project to a family member.

Here a few other handmade holiday goodies and projects I’ve come across worthy of sharing.  Do you have any favorites?

/ these winter themed place card settings

/ home made advent calendars

/ simple and beautiful holiday packaging

/ little tee’s for tots


My husband and I have been doing a ton of research on cloth diapering and are pretty darn excited about using cloth diapers for our little girl when she arrives in just a couple of months.  It seemed like an obvious choice for us- there is of course the eco aspect of not throwing 10 (give or take) disposable diapers away everyday and there is also the financial value to not buying diapers every week.  The upfront cost of investing in about 25 cloth diapers initially is expensive but we think so worth it.  Here’s how we plan to cloth diaper our baby:

*Purchase around 15 newborn sized diapers / 20 one size diapers

- I have a feeling our babe is going to be a little peanut so we’ll need the newborn sizes, I would imagine for at least 3 or 4 months.

-we’re also planning on using disposables just in the first few weeks until we get our bearings as new parents and until her umbilical cord falls off.

*Using the Diaper Sprayer attachment which will make those yucky diapers much, much easier to deal with.

*Having changing stations (with wet bags) both upstairs and downstairs.

- I feel like this will make daily life a tad easier. Where ever we are in the house, we’ll only be a few feet away from a convenient place to change the baby.

*Get into a laundry routine each evening

-As much of a pain as it seems, I think once I get into a routine with a load of diaper laundry each night I won’t even notice any longer.  Just like making the bed, or loading the dishwasher throwing a load of diapers into the machine each evening should be no problem.

So far this is my plan.  Im sure things will need tweaking  or changed once our baby actually arrives. I’d love to hear how other cloth diapering families do things!