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HEALTH: A to die for recipe!

We’re always on the hunt for healthy and equally delicious recipes.  We stumbled across this one on pinterest which led us to the Minimally Invasive blog and have been drooling over these grilled avocado with herbs and tomato like crazy.  With avocado being a super food, we’re over the moon about this foodie discovery! The recipe is simple too (our favorite kind of recipe!) Enjoy! We sure have…

How young is too young to babysit?

With Fall right around the corner and family schedule’s about to change, we wanted to talk a bit about baby-sitting / leaving your children home alone.  Legally it’s very hard to find a concrete answer on how young a child can be to stay home alone or baby sit other children.  In Ohio (where I live) here’s what I was able to find:

Age 7- Can not be left alone

Age 8-11 two hours

Age 12-14 up to three hours

age 14-17 up to 24 hours

The only age and time range i’m semi comfortable with is the age 12-14 up to three hours.  I know it totally depends on the maturity and responsibility of the child, but leaving an 8 year old home alone seems a bit young, doesn’t it? Also, leaving my young children with a 12 year old seems crazy too. What about leaving your younger children with a teenage sibling?  There are so many factors to consider it’s hard to come up with a solid right or wrong way.  What do you think?

A healthy pregnancy


Being a newly pregnant woman myself, I know the value of accurate information and when it comes to the health of you and your baby there’s nothing more valuable.  Before becoming pregnant I was a HUGE coffee drinker.  Since finding out I have not had a sip- I’ve heard that up to 200 milligrams of caffeine a day is okay but for me personally, I figured the sacrifice was simple enough.  Every now and again I crave that warm mug in my hands so I started researching herbal teas.  I found the organic pregnancy tea from Traditional Medicinals and have been really enjoying it with a touch of milk.  This particular tea supports healthy pregnancy by combining herbs aimed to tone uterine muscles, provide nourishment and prepare the womb for childbirth.  It doesn’t hurt that it’s super yummy too!  There are many herbal tea’s that are healthy and beneficial to drink during pregnancy, just be careful of black, green and oolong tea’s which contain caffeine.  Happy sippin’!

photo via YouQueen.

Back to School: tips for a smooth transition

We can’t believe it’s already that time again.  Back to school! For some kids this time is exciting and fun and for others it’s scary and anxiety inducing. (Same for parents.) We wanted to offer just a few quick tips on how to make the back to school routine a smooth transition.

1. Use Sunday evenings to plan school lunches for the week and involved your kids.  This way you won’t feel frantic each morning trying to throw something healthy in the lunch box and your kids will feel empowered knowing they had a say in what they’re eating.

2. Lay out your school clothes.  Like the lunches, add laying school clothes out as a part of your kids bedtime routine. It will help ease the chaos of the mornings plus allow your child some freedom in choosing what he or she wears to school.

3. Shift some things around in your schedule to make time for helping with homework.  Odds are your child will feel less stressed about their workload if they know mom or dad are willing to help with their work each evening.

4. Make your weekends fun.  Now that the kids are gone most of the day, take the weekends to enjoy family trips to the park, walks around the neighborhood, or a milk shake at the local diner.

5.  Remember that home time is home time.  School can be very stressful for kids, so make sure they know that home is a safe and comfortable place. When they’re home they should be playing and relaxing.  Try not to get too uptight about school grades and extra curricular actives.  Of course we want our children to succeed and have passions outside of playing, but pushing too many things on them and over scheduling often times makes children want to shut down.  Be understanding of the demands already placed on them.


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