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Good news for breastfed babies!

A new growth chart is being put into place according to the American Academy of Pediatrics as well as the Centers for Disease Control.  In the past, normal growth for children under age 2 was based not based specifically on breastfed babies which made it very difficult for parents to understand how their baby, who is breastfed was growing.  The new charts use breastfed babies as the “norm” for growth.   More information from The World Health Organization can be found here and offers some really insightful information and details on the new growth charts.  Have any of you gone through this with your pediatrician?

image via healthy child.

Working Hard!

We’re working on a new site and are excited to show you all we’ve been up to! In the meantime the blog will continue to run so make sure to check in for posts on food, kids, parenting, eco living and green goodies. And don’t forget to connect with us on facebook and twitter too!

Healthy school lunches!

We were so excited when we saw the New York Times article recently published about bringing healthier lunches to our schools. “The rules establish calorie and sodium limits for meals, require schools to serve larger portions of fruits and vegetables and mandate that all milk be 1 percent or nonfat. Requirements for the use of whole grains are also being phased in.”  It seems like the organizations in charge of regulating school menus are really changing the way things have been done in the past.  More meals are being made from scratch with fresh, local ingredients and simple changes like fat free milk as opposed to 2% are whats available to the kids.  These sorts of changes in our schools are so good for not just the kids in the schools but communities as a whole.  Supporting local farmers and teaching kids about nutrition will go a long way in improving communities as a whole.

Floral prints!

We don’t talk much on the B Nature blog about adult fashion but with the summer season, flowers a bloom and this heat we’ve got floral prints on our minds. Aren’t these pants from ASOS so great? We love the simple white tee with them! Have any of you ventured out of your normal comfortable jeans into something a little more fun like these?

Birth Photography

Is it the new wedding photography? I first came across the idea of birth photography from a photographer friend of mine who started the birth photography business Beautiful Beginnings and recently there has been a ton of press, including this article in the New York Times around the topic.  Did you use a birth photographer to capture those moments during and after labor? I guess we never really thought about it until we realized it has not always been a “thing.” It makes perfect sense though- these are the moments you are meeting your child for the first time ever. That concept alone is pretty incredible and is surely worthy of quality photography, don’t you agree? What are your thoughts on it?

photo via beautiful beginnings blog.

HAPPY 4TH (a few days late!)


How did everyone celebrate!? I was actually traveling and got to spend the day in Washington DC. Kind of the most perfect place to be on the 4th of July.  Was nice to see everyone so patriotic and proud and the countless firework shows around the city certainly helped too!