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The Sun Screen Debate

Recently a ton of articles with the negative effects of sun screen have been popping up all over the web.  Scary really, but with some research and talking with other parents it seems that there are some things we can do to make sure we are all protected.  First, this article from EWG’s Skin Deep helped a lot with giving us the truth on current sunscreens. It’s a must read. Then we came across this article on how to make your own natural sunscreen from the Frugally Sustainable blog,  and honestly, it’s not that hard! With that shared, here a just a few “common sense” ways we can protect ourselves and our kids from harmful sun rays.

- Cover Up. Wear light weight clothing and hats when out and about in the sun.

- Find shade when picnicking in the park or hanging at the pool.

-Limit your exposure to early morning or late afternoon.  The sun is most powerful between 10am and 3 pm.

-Don’t be fooled by clouds.  Even if the day appears cloudy, the suns rays can still burn.


Thank you, Dads!


image via.  Father’s Day is this weekend and we can’t think of anything better to celebrate! Don’t get us wrong, Mom’s are awesome and work their butts off raising their babes but sometimes Dad’s get a bad wrap.  Not hands on enough, not making enough money to support the family, yada yada yada.  We have to say though, we know some pretty rockin’ dads who deserve a Fathers Day well more than once a year.  So here’s to you rockstar dads- the ones who read bed time stories, tuck your kids in, make goof ball faces regularly, build forts, change diapers, get up for late night feedings, soothe tears and pain, beat off the monster in the closet, comfort and support. To you, this day is for and we can’t thank you enough.

Camp Time or Relax Time?

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School’s out, now it’s time to think abut what to do with the kids all summer! What’s your approach? No activities, structured scheduling for a TOTAL break from the school year, or the pool, camps and classes? Maybe a combination of both? Often times parents feel overwhelmed with the idea of having your school age children with you all day, five days a week.  I think, take the opportunity to spend some real time with your kids ( if of course you stay home with your children) and explore new things together. Also know that down time is okay. Kids need that. Don’t feel like you have to have every second of the week scheduled and planned.  With all of that said, what are your kids up to this summer?!

Products We Love

Have you guys heard of Arbonne? Over the past few years, I’ve been slowly trying different products from them and truly have not come across one that I do not like.  ALL of their products are organic, no parabens yada yada yada- all the yucky stuff we try to avoid. Recently I got onto their baby care products (for myself actually) since I have pretty sensitive skin.  The ABC body lotion is wonderful- too bad I only got 8oz. These products are wonderful if you or your baby have sensitive skin.  I’ve talked to a handful of moms who say they won’t use any other products on their kids with eczema. I’ve also tried some of their makeup- It’s awesome! Two thumbs up, Arbonne.


Potty Training Too Early

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It’s an interesting thought- How potty training TOO EARLY may affect the mental well being of our toddlers….Over on they are discussing the subject with detail. A few points that stood out to us:

- “I don’t get it,” a mom will tell me. “I didn’t push her – she basically trained herself.”I believe these parents, but unfortunately it’s typically the kids who trained earliest and most easily who develop the most serious problems. I see about 100 kids a week at my clinic, and about half are dysfunctional voiders; most of them trained before 3.

-Steven Hodges, MD

- “Chronically holding poop, a problem exacerbated by our kids’ low-fiber diets, compounds the damage. A mass of poop forms in the rectum, right behind the bladder, and can stretch the rectum from about 2 centimeters in diameter to 10 centimeters or more. There’s only so much room in the pelvis, so the bladder gets squeezed out of the way and can’t hold as much urine. What’s more, the nerves controlling the bladder, which run between the bladder and the intestines, can get irritated when the intestines are enlarged, causing unexpected and unwanted bladder contractions – in other words, mad dashes to the toilet and accidents.”

- “if you are training your 2-year-old because the preschool you’ve chosen requires children to be potty trained by 3, I suggest you find another school. Sending an early-trained child to preschool only increases the risk of potty problems, particularly if these schools don’t allow the safety net of a Pull-Up. Think about it: You’re placing a 3-year-old in an unfamiliar environment where, for possibly the first time in her life, she has no family members around for half the day, and you’re expecting her to interrupt her teacher during the story circle and announce that she needs to use the toilet or to climb out of the fort she’s just built with her friends and make her way over to the potty. Whoever thought that was a good idea has surely never set foot in a pediatric urology clinic.”

Hop on over and see what you think.