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When is too old?

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Recently I’ve come into discussions with parents about how old is too old for my child to see me naked? It usually always ends up a funny conversation but the fact is, this is a serious question and issue many parents face.  So what do you think? 3, 4, 7? With so many topics, I usually err on the side of, “well it’s different for every family” but with this one, it seems there must be a common age where showering, bathing or simply changing in front of your child becomes inappropriate, right? I’m leaning towards the 4 year mark…  Kids at this age are SO SO incredibly observant AND aware (and smart.) It’s a tricky one. What do you think?


This past week, with my little preschool students we learned about peacefulness and what it means to be peaceful.  It’s always so wonderful to hear their perspective on things as profound as peace. We talked of Gandhi and Mandela and they really took to them.  This book, The Peace book is such a great conversation starter on the subject.  How do you guys generally approach these types topics with little ones?

Co Sleeping. Yes or No?

Is it that black and white? Yes you should co sleep, no you should not? We don’t think so. For the most part, every parent has the same goals in mind- to raise happy, healthy children and to keep them safe and protected, right? Isn’t whats best for your child and family different than whats best for your co workers, neighbors, or cousins baby? Probably. Only you, as YOUR baby’s parent can know and decide for sure whats best for them.  So with the ever growing controversy of issues related to co sleeping (Is it safe? Does it create a bond like no other? ETC..) we thought we would point you in the right direction of some great resources and open the conversation up here. What are your thoughts on co sleeping?

Pros / thoughts from Adeline’s Daddy Blog.

Cons from Momlogic

Pros AND Cons from What to Expect.

Comments are open here if you would like to share some input….

Top 10 genetically modified foods

We came across this article over the weekend and found it to be very interesting and informative.  The top 10 genetically modified food products highlights some foods that I would have never thought of as being one of the top 10! Here’s the list but make sure to click over to the article to read more about each food.

10. Sugar Beets

9. Potatoes

8. Corn

7. Tomatoes

6. Squash

5. Golden Rice

4. Soybean

3. Oils

2. Animal Feed (weird, right!?)

1. Salmon

Getting back on track

After any holiday it’s easy to feel like we’ve overeaten, over indulged, and just plain got out of our healthy routines. Here are just a few tips I find very helpful the first few days after a holiday where eating candy and cookies is generally a requirement :)

1. Drink water. There’s nothing easier and more effective than guzzling water first thing in the morning and throughout the day. Water detoxifies, hydrates, helps metabolism, and the list goes on- basically, just do it.

2. Take a walk. I know I never feel like working out after several days of relaxing and eating, but a nice long walk outdoors has a way of re-energizing the body and soul.

3. Take your vitamins- whether it’s as simple as popping your vitamins in the morning or making sure you eat a variety of things that provide proper nutrition, don’t take for granted how much fruits and vegetables can change the way you feel.  Even if it’s just an orange instead of pretzels for a snack it can make a world of difference.

4. Replace small things like skim milk instead of cream in your coffee. Substituting the smallest of things over time makes a big difference and odds of you even noticing a new taste are pretty slim. For a little sweet in my tea or coffee I like to use agave nectar.

5. Go to bed at a reasonable hour. Waking up feeling refreshed will kick start any day.


Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!