Monthly Archives: January 2012

A favorite children’s book

Sometimes it can be hard to find children’s books that deliver a message you 100% believe in.  Children are like sponges, so what  you’re reading to them is so important in the early years.  For the little ones about to start school, who have  just started school, or have been in school for  a few years- Our Peaceful Classroom is my all time favorite book about kids at school.  Its pictures are illustrated by children and the message of community and peace is strong without overdoing it. So good!  What are your favorite children’s books?

Indoor Herb Garden

As someone who lives in an urban setting, this indoor hanging herb garden is just the thing my kitchen could use.  From the Camille Styles Blog I came across this genius and beautiful garden.  Seems simple enough- mason jars, wood slats, a way to secure it all  then mounting it on the wall. Love!

Thoughts on education

As someone who has taught little ones in a traditional setting, Montessori classroom and untraditional montessori classroom, I’m interested to hear some thoughts from new mama’s (or veteran mama’s) about the way you educate your children.  I do not think there is one way of educating that, across the board, is the “best” way to do it.  I think each child is unique therefore one method of education may be beneficial to one type of child versus another.  I am however, bit biased towards Montessori education as I’ve seen all types of children excel in the environment.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve been exposed to the culture of homeschooling and if done right, am a huge advocate of.  I also tend to think that if a child’s best interest is always the number one priority for both parent and teacher, it’s a win situation. How do you all educate your children?