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Skip away!

Admit it- skipping makes you feel young and free, right? I can’t remember the last time I’ve skipped. Well actually, I took a few skips around after reading this article and it really does put a silly smile on your face! Turns out there may be some benefits to it as well. I came across this Huffington Post article and felt compelled to share. Here’s a blurb from the article: “Skipping and running are close cousins to each other. But if running generates from our fight/flight reflex in the brain, skipping originates more from our pleasure center. Running is akin to an animal intentionally moving away or toward an object; skipping is more akin to an animal frolicking in a field with unparalleled freedom and joy. Think about it — do you ever see
runners laughing? Usually they are grimacing. Skipping is exercise, but it is also play. The National Institute for Play believes that it is essential for play to be woven into the fabric of our social interactions, and that doing so transforms our personal health, our relationships, the education we provide for our children, as well as the capacity of our corporations to innovate in creative ways.”

It’s really a fun and interesting read so pop on over and finish reading the joys and benefits of skipping!

Fall is officially here!

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Our favorite fall things:
crisp air
candy apples
pumpkin spice lattes
scarves and boots
snuggly babies and kiddos
candles burning in the house
kiddos playing in the yard
Sunday family dinners

What do you guys LOVE about fall?

Social Good

The Social Good Summit is happening as we speak and we’ve been hearing really incredible things are coming out of it. We’ve been following several twitter accounts of folks who are in attendance or speakers- Here’s the gist; “an exploration of how communities and audiences are connecting with each other through social and digital innovations…” For the full run down click this LINK to Mashable’s social good summit page. What are some of your innovative ideas on how we can combat some of the worlds largest problems together?

Baby wearing

Recently I’ve been noticing more and more mama’s “wearing” their babies around and have really fallen in love with the style, connection and bond, wearing your baby appears to have. As a blogger and someone who swoons over kids clothing, products and goodies I stumbled upon the Sakura Bloom styleathon lots of amazing mamma bloggers were participating in a few months ago. The winner of the contest was Elizabeth from The Littlest . We think her photos, commentary and mothering are just beautiful. Click her link to check out her contest entries!

What slings and carriers do you guys use?

photo credit- evolutionary parenting

To learn about benefits to baby wearing check out this awesome article from Evolutionary Parenting.

Fall Cuteness

As fall rolls in, we’ve got some cozy gear for your little one. If you don’t already have these essential B Nature pieces be sure to order and if you already do, pass the goodness on to your friends! Also loving this season- STRIPES! We LOVE fall and all the coziness that goes with it. How cute are these little looks?

Labor Day Love.

Today we celebrated Labor Day here in the states. The real reason we celebrate is to honor the economic and social contributions of workers in our country, but I can’t help but to think about all the strong, powerful mama’s who have birthed a child. While I do agree that there should certainly be a day to honor those who contribute to the society in which they live (today), maybe we can make room for the working mama’s too? After all, they are the ones who make the world go round, right? :) Oh, and lets not forget mama’s everyone human and animal alike. We’re all part of the same world, don’t you agree?