Monthly Archives: April 2011

Earth Day

Earth Day crafts via Tip Junkie- How can you go wrong with these?!

Today while teaching my little class we sorted through our recycling, juiced our own orange juice and painted (with eco paint!) pictures of planet earth. Earth Day truly is one of my favorite “holidays” with little ones- they just love it! How did you celebrate!?

Summer Start-Up kits!

What’s new with B Nature? Now that we’re in spring mode, we’ve got to start thinking summer and boy do we have a treat for you! If you aren’t sure what you’ve got in baby’s closet let us help. We’re making shopping for little one incredibly easy. How? We’ve got a collection of clothes and goodies all picked out and packaged together so you don’t have to sort through product after product. Select which kit you’d like and bam! It’s yours! Fun, right? We’ve got three choices:
8 pieces, 12 pieces and 19 pieces- check it out HERE! Happy shopping!!