Monthly Archives: March 2011

Spring is here!

….which means it’s time for outdoor play, gardening and time spent enjoying the sun with our families and friends. For the gardening crowd, I find it to be especially important to use eco friendly products when working with the earth. Doesn’t it just seem…..wrong to put chemicals into it? Here are some goodies I “dug” up (Get it? Ha!) to keep you and your garden chemical free!

Preen Organic weed killer

Angela’s Garden natural gardening gloves

The Cypress Planter made from an eco blend compound

Organic Cotton Gardening Apron

Clean Air Gardening Trake

Sources: Clean Air Gardening
Eco Gardening
Tips on how to create your own eco friendly garden, click HERE.

Environmental Principles

I recently saw this little blurb in The New York Times about testing your environmental principals. It raises some very valid and common points- “Why do people who say they care about the environment sometimes act as though they don’t when it comes to a specific change?” What’s really scary to me is that the masses are aware that changing our excessive consumerism is greatly what our world needs, yet not many people do much about it. This is where we live, why don’t we take care of it the same way we do our homes? The article leaves you with this test: When a sign in a hotel bathroom asks you to reuse your towel for the sake of the environment, how many of you opt to get a new one every day instead? Funny thing is, I recently stayed in a hotel and each morning I hung my towel so I could re-use it the next day. Every time I came back to my room, my towel was gone with a new one in it’s place. I wonder why the sign was there in the first place if the hotel itself didn’t believe in its own mission. What are some simple things you all are doing to make an impact?

B Nature’s stance….

Our commitment to Fair Trade….Have you read about it? “Fair Trade is a trading partnership, based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in international trade.” (IFAT- International Fair Trade Association)
“The mission of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) is to combine the efforts of industry, civil society organizations, and colleges and universities to protect workers’ rights and improve working conditions worldwide by promoting adherence to international labor standards.” Confused why every business doesn’t make this same commitment? Us too. Click HERE to read our full commitment.


Today while at a business meeting, I noticed a co-worker was eating a snack. But what caught my eye was the adorable bag the white chocolate pretzels (yum!) were coming out of. I asked him how easy they are to clean and he said “simple!” He usually just wipes the inside down with a wet dishtowel or if it gets real dirty, he throws it in the wash machine. How cute are these snack bags from Lunch Skins!? LOVE them and what a SIMPLE way to decrease your carbon foot print.