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Finding Inspiration

It’s the middle of the week and we’re craving some inspiration. We found some in these uplifting, truly inspiring prints. Simple words, yet so true. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Guest Post! “A woman who serves.”

Guest post written by Caren Harrison, Doula in training.

There is more to birth than the baby; that Moma plays a leading role up until this new, perfect little being enters the world and steals our hearts! Each birth is unique, intimate and beautiful. I had the priviiledge of being in the birth doula role for the birth of my sister’s first child. I was present for 5 days of prodromal labor at home and the birth of my neice which ended at a hospital. I am currently in the training stages of birth-doula-dom and enjoying the journey and education. It is my pleasure to be able to share some of the benefits of using a birth doula to satisfy your birthing experience as mommas and furthermore as a couple. I don’t think I will have enough space to cover them all!

Since both labor and birth are unpredictable in timing and time frame, having a birth doula assisting your needs is immeasurably helpful. A doula translates to “a woman who serves” and for a laboring woman, a woman who serves is a great person to have around! A doula’s role is to provide physical, emotional and informational support to pregnant and laboring women. A doula works for YOU not for your care provider. Think of a doula as your birthing advocate; one who helps you achieve your birth plan (and familiarizes with it), explain medical jargon and ensures that you and your partner are making all the decisions in the process. It is a common worry that the birth doula will take the place of your partner, but in reality she is support for the supporters too. Doulas actually encourage active involvement if wanted and can assist with easing questions that may arise and in turn your partner can focus more on nurturing and caring. Having a birth doula increases the chances of a spontaneous birth, satisfaction of the birth experience, self-esteem and decreases the likelihood of having pain medications or unnecessary interventions (especially if your goal is to have an un-medicated birth). Whether you are planning a medicated or un-medicated birth, your birth doula will be behind you, supporting your decisions.

Women are amazing creatures and it is inspiring to see the strength of what a woman’s body is capable of. Mommies and Momas-to-be, you deserve a birth doula!

Homemade Valentines!

We got these awesome, DIY valentine project ideas from The Crafty Crow and absolutely love them! Just by looking at the photos alone we were able to recreate these projects at home with our little loves. Happy Valentines Day everyone. Lets all “B sweet” to each other today :) xoxo.

Creating Art materials!

I absolutely love the idea of creating your own art materials. What better way to be creative with your child by showing them how to MAKE art supplies? I just love it! From Ohdeedoh, we found these simple, super awesome recipes for creating anything from pladough to oobleck! (if you do not know what oobleck is, you need to. It’s the craziest, most fun thing ever!) Click this LINK for the Oobleck recipe. For all other recipes, click HERE. So next time you dont know what to do with the kids on a rainy day, try some of these super fun recipes! I have used every single one at one point or another either in the classroom or with nieces and nephews, and they are a sure hit every time. Happy Monday, everyone!