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New Find: Eden Home Toys

It’s not even Halloween yet, I know, BUT don’t all the non procrastinators start their holiday shoping Nov. 1? In which case, I have found the perfect organic toys for your little ones. Eden Home offers toys with an adorable aesthetic + the benefits of organic products in your home = a win in our book.

Of course, we couldn’t forget to mention that B NATURE goodies are also the PERFECT holiday gift :) shop here.

Organic Vs. Natural

Recently while in the grocery store, it dawned on me that I don’t know the true difference between organic foods vs. foods that are labeled as “all natural.” So I decided to do some research. Here are the definitions of both. You be the judge of what works best for you and your family. Interesting though, right?

Organic- The USDA’s National Organic Standards Board defined the national standard for the term “organic” in the year 2000. According to these criteria, to be labeled organic, food must have been produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides (with a few exceptions), antibiotics, irradiation, genetic engineering, or growth hormones.

Natural- Generally refers to food items that are not altered chemically or synthesized in any form. These are derived from plants and animals. Thus a natural food item is not necessarily organic and vice versa.

We just love fall!

Photo Credit: Lindsay Dewald

With the changing of leaves, and the approaching new year, what better time to start making or re-evaluating healthy happy lifestyle decisions? Fall is absolutely gorgeous and is always a time when I feel at my best. Farmers markets, crisp apples, fall foliage and pumpkin patches are amongst my favorite fall goodies. How about yours?

The richer eating poorer…

photo via Good.Is

Fall for me has always been a super busy time of the year. Back to school, back to routine, gearing up for the holidays, etc. It’s tough to get in the kitchen to cook a healthy meal night after night. I get it. However, fast food is not the answer! Recently at a food talk I attended we were taught that having a meal consisting of a meat, starch, veggie and salad is not necessary. You can get the nutrients you need and feel the satisfaction you desire from making just one good food choice. For example, try a yummy lentil soup, or turkey chili recipe. As long as you are eating healthy snacks throughout the day (fruit, veggies) you will be getting everything you need. Americans in general feel the need to have huge meals which results in feeling so full after each meal. Why? We can be completely satisfied, and feel better at the same time if we choose simple, easy, healthy meals over huge hearty savory meals, at least from time to time. Give it a try!

If you must choose….

Recently we came across this terrific chart of food items, that when NOT grown organically are injected with the most amounts of pesticides- eeeks! So, if you are at the market and are not buying everything organic (we realize it makes a difference in your wallet) definitely try to use this guide for your “must be organic” selections. Enjoy, and healthy eating!