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The Green Hero!

It may seem a bit early for halloween posts, but lets be honest- every child has been planning this year’s costume since they rang their last doorbell last year. In staying true to green lifestyle or to simply avoid those itchy, heavy generic costumes, here’s some idea’s for creating your own super awesome costume!
1. Explore your own closet for fun clothes that could work on your child. Dad’s ties, suspenders, scarfs, belts etc. These pieces make for great super hero accessories!
2. Check the recycle bin. Cardboard cereal boxes and milk cartons are awesome for hat wearing and arm guards. Have your child decorate the cereal box and simply wear like a cool hat. Cut both ends of a milk carton or two liter bottle and have your child slide their arms through as a neat way to add flare to their costume. And duh, every knight, king, and superhero needs to protect their little forearms.
3. Check your art supply closet. Making a king or princess crown is simple! Take some construction paper, hold so paper is horizontal, cut a zig zag pattern across the middle of the paper, wrap around child’s head and tape or glue. (you can always add another piece if your child’s head isn’t small enough for just one piece. simply staple or glue the two pieces together) Add jewels, beads or tissue paper to jazz it up.
4. Use this past week’s grocery bags for fairy wings. (if you don’t bring your own bag to the market :) Cut in a butterfly wing shape, staple two pieces of looped string down the center of the wings (where both sides meet) and have your little one strap it on like backpack. As with everything, decorate away!
5. Old sheets that you’re sick of keeping in the linen closet can be used for capes! cut to size and to prevent choking, sew a simple button on the part of the sheet that will wrap around the hero’s neck. cut a small slit opposite and you’ve got yourself a nice little button cape.

Hope these little tips are helpful or inspire you to come up with your own creations! Send pics! We’d love to see your little ones dressed up in this years finest recycled goods! Trick or Treat!

Storing your greens

I have to admit- buying greens at the farmers market is my least favorite thing to buy. I could never get them to stay fresh for longer than a few days! I stumbled across this article from Apartment Therapy’s The Kitchn and have to say, this method is a miracle worker! I have noticed such a difference in the longevity of my greens- honest! Here are the steps:

1. Chop greens
2. Wash (Make sure you shake all excess water off. Suggested to use a salad spinner)
3. Spread greens onto clean bath towel (or any towel really- just make sure it’s clean :)
4. Let air dry
5. When ready to store, roll the towels up with the greens inside and use rubber bands to secure.

When you are ready to eat, unroll the amount that is needed and roll back up whatever is left. Thank you, friends at The Kitchn!

Wish we all could be California girls….

It’s no secret that California baby is a great natural product for your baby, but what about for mama too?  Recently I tried using the Calendula conditioner on my own hair (have you ever smelled these products? sensory overload!) and oh my goodness did my hair feel the smoothest and silkiest it’s ever felt.  It was as if I had just stepped out of the salon!  Not to mention this particular product is made from the calendula flower.  Who wouldn’t want to bathe in flowers!? A must try if you have a dry or itchy scalp.  What are your favorite baby products doubled as adult products??

Dear Earth, you’re beautiful….

photo credit Lindsay Dewald

Every so often I’m able to capture something so beautiful, I can’t believe it has come from my own camera.  Then I think, oh right, my subject is planet earth- how can the image NOT BE beautiful.  This sky was a simple reminder to me (and hopefully to you all) that we  need to step it up in taking care of our home.  Enjoy your week everyone!

Organic Recipe contest!

Leave your recipe in the comment box to enter a chance to win our adorable rib crossover top! Good luck and Thank you for participating! Below is the recipe for one of my most favorite lunch time meals- Hummus and veggie wrap- YUM!


1/2 cup hummus

alfafa sprouts

1/8 cup organic red bell peppers

3 slices organic red onions

1/8 cup diced organic tomatoes

1/8 cup shoestring carrots

1 12 inch tortilla


microwave tortilla for a few seconds to make it pliable.

spread hummus over tortilla.

add assorted veggies.

roll up and slice in half or eat whole. Enjoy!