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What does Organic really mean?

I recently came across this interesting interview from GOOD with Joe Dickson, who works with the USDA’s National Organic Standards Board and at Whole Foods Market.  I find it so interesting/infuriating that almost anything can be labeled as organic and “natural.” I like to think of the word organic meaning earth friendly, without chemicals, toxins, etc….Here is what Joe had to say:

Joe Dickson: In a general sense, organic foods are grown in earth-friendly ways without the use of toxic or persistant agricultural chemicals.  Thanks to the clear federal definition of “organic,” organic food is made of at least 95 percent organic agricultural materials grown using earth-friendly practices without toxic or persistent pesticides. The remaining 5 percent can only contain carefully vetted substances from a short list of approved additives.

Check out the full length interview HERE.

Children Play; Energy created

This was way too cool not to share- These Humanitarian designs are helping small communities in a big way.

photo credit Inhabitots

The Merry Go Round Water Pump

All kids enjoy spinning round and round, lets be honest. Now, when kids spin, their energy is being transferred to pump water in Sub-Sahara Africa!  Play Pumps International is an organization with a vision-  Here’s how it works.

photo credit Inhabitots

The Soccket

The Soccket was developed by four harvard students who saw a need for a more effective way to produce energy in South Africa.  The practical and fun Soccket, scores big!  Soccer (futbol) is the most popular sport in the world.  Kids are playing soccer in fields, yards, parking lots, gravel lots or anywhere else with enough space to kick the ball around.  In short, The Soccket generates electricity when it’s kicked.  Click here to see how it works. These innovative, practical and down right fun ideas could be just the thing that changes this world. I LOVE THESE!!

Quack Quack: Healthy snack alert!

photo credit Little Duck Organics

The packaging, the idea, the ingredients, the taste, everything from Little Duck Organics is just perfect.  I recently stumbled across these yummy and adorable toddler treats and immediately bought some for my niece and nephew.  Needless to say, they were a hit!  You can’t go wrong with these three delicious blends (Mango+Strawberry, Blueberry+Apple, Banana+Apple.)  Did I mention, snacks come from 100% real organic fruit? They sure do.  Not only does Little Duck promote healthy eating, they’re more than concerned with sustainability and the global community. Right on!  Check them out here: Little Duck Organics

Woof Woof: Organic pet products

Recently my 10 month old pup was neutered and upon being sent home, the vet gave my husband and I extremely unrealistic goals for our dog, like try not to have him smell things too much outside. Really!? He’s a dog! That’s what dogs do!  We were also told to prevent him from licking his stitches which I totally get but again, nearly impossible.  We were sent home with the god- for -saken E-Collar (you know, the giant cone) which broke my heart.  I really just don’t have the heart to put it on him.  Which got me thinking- How come the vet does not send us home with a natural anti-lick ointment? Sounds simple enough, right?  Let the natural, organic pet supplies search begin!  Just like our children, I figure our pets are part of our families too.  If you are like us, your pet truly is like your child, which is why they deserve the all natural organic treatment too (we’re not weird, I swear) Have you seen his big, brown, puppy dog eyes!? I could not leave this awful thing on for more than an hour or so. Poor guy. Lucky for him, I found some great organic supply stores and goodies!

Photo Credit Lindsay Dewald

Here are a couple favorites that I’ve found:

Get Lick’d Dog Goodies (For yummy treats and adorable hand made beds)

photo credit Get Lick'd

Botanical Dog (For products, toys, food, vitamins, you name it and they’ve probably got it)

photo credit botanical dog

Sunscreen: All Natural

The heat is on and the sun is out which means it’s time for all of you to be out and about with your little one’s, friends or family having fun and taking care of your skin.  It’s next to impossible to find a sunscreen that is petrochemical free (petrochemicals are chemical products derived from petroleum-yuck!)  Lucky for you, we’ve found a couple sunscreens that will keep that body beautiful and healthy inside and out.

Kabana Skin Care: Green Screen Organic sunscreen, perfect for the entire family.

Beyond Coastal: Natural sunscreen (comes in a “kid” version too-score!)

Both brands carry a tremendous amount of other amazing products you should surely take a peek at! Now that you’ve got the low down on the safest sunscreens, get out there and have a ball!

What your kids should be eating….

via I came across these terrific, nutritious foods for disease prevention.  And yes, they’re all delicious! Next time your at the market try picking these up:

1. Blueberries- loaded with Antioxidants!

2. Tofu- super source for lean protein.

3. Tomatoes-loaded with lycopene (caner preventer)

4. Low fat greek yogurt- boosts immunity

5. Cabbage-improves digestion

6. Salmon-omega 3 fats to boost brain development

7. Cocoa- improve blood pressure, heart and oral health

8. Black Beans- protein, fiber and calcium

9. Basil- antioxidants!

10. Cinnamon- regulates blood sugar

To read more detailed descriptions of the benefits of these foods click here.

The Edible Schoolyard

photo credit: the edible schoolyard

The other day I read an article about “The edible schoolyard.”  The name alone caught my attention and once I learned more about it, I was hooked.  Here’s the idea: The edible schoolyard (a program of the Chez Panisse Foundation) is a one-acre sized, organic garden and kitchen classroom for public school students at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkley, CA.  While more and more edible schoolyards are popping up across the United States students and teachers from MLK JR. Middle School seem to have it down.  Students participate in all aspects of the garden including, growing,  harvesting, food prep, etc. What an amazing way to teach your kids about nutrition and natural, healthy eating! I love it! To learn more about The edible schoolyard click here. The website and idea in general are a great resource as well as inspiration for starting your own organic garden at home, in your classroom, or even at the workplace! Cheers to healthy, organic growing AND eating!